A year during the Age of Conjunction.

The war rages on and many people are killed by the seemingly endless waves of Zenfaria's army. It appears that the army is looking for something, but no one knows what it is. Zenfaria drops a comet onto the ruins of Battledale utterly destroying it and creating a twenty mile wide crater. Zenfaria and her army attacks Avalon in a massacre that whipes out half of its population. The survivors take airships away from the island and land all across Xepher. Lord Newman shows up in the chaos and Lithner Sythe confronts him. Lord Newman tricks Lithner and he becomes stuck wandering the Negative Energy Plane. Several hours of fighting take place as Home Guard and Black Widow clash in the royal halls of Avalon. A portal is used by several Black Widow, Home Guard and other heroes that leads to the Far Realm. After they are through, the king, Ander Ellisidel overloads the float stones of the Enterprise and it explodes, destroying Avalon and scattering pieces of the island all over the world. The entire drow amy is also destroyed. Zenfaria slays the Spider Queen and becomes the new goddess of the drow.

Aeonil is founded.