The Age of Dreams is a period of the history of Galea that is very much unknown to modern scholars. What little is known is that it was a time of enlightened travel into the Void. Most of the scholarly work that focuses on the Ancients centers around this era and its end. The Ancient language as well as ancient technology all originate from this time period.

List of years during the Age of Dreams (All dates are unknown to historians):

  • 2095 A.D. - Divine Empire formed. Technomancy invented.
  • 2120 A.D. - Mars terraformed.
  • 2197 A.D. - Conduit drives are perfected and colonization of the stars begins.
  • 2237 A.D. - The first seven Eldathi saints are born to Kaelith and Pria.
  • 2238 A.D. - The eighth saint, Zenfaria, is born to Kaelith and Qerasht.
  • 2240 A.D. - The Eldathi form their own nation in the western edges of the galaxy with the blessing of the Empire.
  • 3072 A.D. - Explosion on a remote military installation, killing dozens.
  • 3075 A.D. - Terrorist group Omega reveals itself.
  • 3077 A.D. - The Divine Ultimatum. 
  • 3078 A.D. - Omega is stopped.
  • 3081 A.D. - Terrorist attack of Terra. The Faceless Riots begin.
  • 3084 A.D. - Battle for Domascus III.
  • 3087 A.D. - Omega Nation formed.
  • 3092 A.D. - Battle of Orish.
  • 3093 A.D. - Luke searches for RAE.
  • 3094 A.D. - Omega and the Empire muster forces.
  • 3095 A.D. - Luke's failed ascention. Battle of Verisai begins the Amargeddon War.