Goddess of Pleasure, Mothers, Protection, and Cats.
Power Demigod
Symbol A Cat
Home Plane Unknown
Alignment CG
Portfolio Cats, Vengeance, Mothers, Protection, Punishment.
Channeling Portfolio Positive
Worshipers Prostitutes, Mothers, Cat Lovers, Female Warriors, Vengeful people.
Adjective Unknown
Cleric Alignments CN, NG, CG,
Domains Charm, Chaos, Community, Destruction, Protection
Sacred Animal Unknown
Sacred Color Unknown
Favored Weapon Tiger Claws

Bastet is a Goddess of Protection, Pleasure, Mothers, and Cats. She protects those who cannot protect themselves and punishes those who hurt the weak. She advocates pleasure in all its forms just as a cat enjoys its day. She hates Set and Anubis who embody the forces of evil and prey upon the weak. Bastet appears as feline headed dark skinned beautiful female scantily clad in jewelry and robes.


Bastet was born after the Armageddon War, She is a child of Sheila and is tasked with guarding the land of Sekta-Set against the forces of evil.


Bastet has her own demiplane known as The Solar Barge and is accessed via planar magic used in Sekta-Set.


Bastet is on good terms with her mother Sheila and other gods of nature and pleasure. She hates Set and Anubis and actively tries to mess up their plans.

Appearance and Emissaries

Mortal representations of the deity and the prefered appearance.


Important mortals and immortals that serve the deity.

Church of Deity

The church of Bastet is general a loose collection of individuals that value freedom and individualism. The church helps those in need and tries to protect people that can't protect themselves (like children).

Worshipers and Clergy

Bastet's clerics wear white robes and shave their heads (if they are male),  these clerics serve as the voice of common people. Most clerics are female. People worship Bastet for protection but also for vengence against those who have wronged them. Prostitutes, mothers, and female warriors commonly worship Bastet.

Temples and Shrines

Detailed descriptions of where temples and shrines are located as well as descriptions of how temples commonly appear and how they're used.

Holy Texts

The holy text or texts the clergy use.

Holy Relics

Any artifact or relic associated with the church.

Magic Items

Any magic item that is typically associated with the church. These items are almost always available at a temple of the deity.


Traits that can be taken by a character that are associated with the deity.

Deific Obedience

Spend an hour engaging in a pleasurable activity like playing a game, or playing with children, or just lounging in the sunlight, or making love with a lover. Then praise Bastets name aloud and vow to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Gain an +4 bonus on Perform Checks and Stealth Checks.

Exalted Boons

  • 1 Feline Power (Sp): Tap Inner Beauty 3/day, Cat's Grace 2/day, Speak with Animals (Cats only) 1/day
  • 2 Feline Beauty (Su): Gain a Dodge bonus to Armor Class equal to your charisma modifier (minimum +1) whenever you wear revealing clothing or revealing light armor.
  • 3 Feline Form (Sp): You can take the form as a cat or Dire Tiger (functions as Beast Shape 3) 1/day.