Over the thousands of years of history, many gods have been lost, killed, or just simply forgotten. Many of the dead gods died in the God's War during the Conjunction. Only the more important gods that died during the God's War are listed below.


  • Apollonius - God of Physical Power, Son of Kor
  • Miran - Lodanite God of Wisdom, Nobility, and Honor. Killed by Hexen to assist in his ascension.
  • Ormus - God of Protection. Killed during the Armageddon War.
  • The Spider Queen - Queen of the drow. Died at the end of the 4th Drow War.
  • Sean Carta - God of Mortal Heroes. Died during the God's War.
  • Veshna - Goddess of Kindness. Died during the Armageddon war. First god to die.
  • Zil'Daigon - Galean God of Death. Died during the God's War.
  • Yato - Nipponesse God of War. Died in 122AC in battle with MDS Lars.