God of All
Power Overgod
Symbol None
Home Plane Unknown/None. Theorized to actually be reality
Alignment Unknown/None. Probably Lawful Neutral
Portfolio Areas of interest and focus
Channeling Portfolio Alternate channeling available to clerics of the Deity
Worshipers None. Possibly scholars, maybe Luminus and others that worship an "All-Maker" like being.
Adjective Unknown
Cleric Alignments None
Domains None. Nous does not grant domains. (There are some domains associated with him. See Clergy below).
Sacred Animal Unknown
Sacred Color Unknown
Favored Weapon None

Nous (NOOS) is seen as the Overgod of the universe.


Nous is the original deity. He is the creator of the universe and according to Gaspar, granter of power to Gaspar. He created the universe and his wife, Velith, who became void. Some stories claim Velith came from the void and then married Nous. A few stories exist of these events and they differ in some details. His creation and that of the world takes place in the Beginning Time.


Nous has no home plane. It is theorized that his domain may be reality. It's also possible that he actually is reality.


Seeing that he may not actually be a being, Nous has no interaction with anyone. Some theorize that he is the luminous god Adonai, but the luminous disagree because Adonai is active in their lives and Nous is not an active deity. According to ancient stories, his wife is Velith and they had a child, Naka. He is also supposedly the one that granted Gaspar his power, according to Gaspar, though some stories contradict this.

Appearance and Emissaries

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Church of Nous

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