Galea is a home-grown campaign setting currently being used with the Pathfinder d20 system.


Originally our gaming group had two seperate worlds we played on, both home-grown by two different DMs. We all played with both, and the DMs would take turns in the DM's chair. Eventually we wanted characters to cross over from world to world. It was decided that the worlds were shadow realms of each other. This allowed travel to the other world with high level spells through the Plane of Shadow and allowed us to use the same characters in both worlds.

One of our DMs stopped playing with us, and there was no need to have both worlds, so the main DM decided to merge the world and the entire backstory for the world was created for this campaign in order to make sense of the merger.

Similarities to the real world and Galea

You may notice that many names, words, events, and other things found in the world of Galea come from other sources and are recognizable, such as the elven home land of Avalon. This was done on purpose due to the back story of Galea. Galea is earth with the current time roughly 67,000-68,000 years in the future. The gods were once mortal and lived during the modern Earth era and they brought over a lot of names and words they already knew into their own creation.

Use of other material

In our campaign setting, we use a lot of other material from other campaign settings and in most cases have our own backstory. In these situations, we use stats provided by these other sources and the pages they are on will discuss the source and our own back story. For example, the devil Lucifer and much of his story and stats come from the Tomb of Horrors, but the origin story for him is our own. In this case, the wiki for Lucifer will have his story as we use it, and then it will list where one can find his stats.

Many of the pages will reference general pathfinder rules. In such cases, it will be linked to the Pathfinder SRD.

Character knowledge vs. player knowledge

In many situations on this wiki, it will divide the page into what actually happened in history, or something about an organization, and what people generally believe, including people in the know. For example, very few people even know about the Age of Dreams, and the widely believed origin story of the world and the gods is quite different than what actually happened. This distinction will be clear on the page.