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The Mushroom forests are an area of the Underdark that are both full of wonder and beauty while still being just as deadly as the other environments.


Most of the Mushroom forests are massive caverns filed with multiple types of bio-luminescent mushrooms and other fungus. As with surface forest they can be incredibly thick areas of "vegetation" similar to a jungle or more open like a taiga.


While most of the Underdark is in a perpetual state of twilight gloom the Mushroom Forests tend to be relatively bright locations due to the bio-luminescence of many types of the fungus that grow in them. This makes them both safer and more dangerious as light can protect against some of the more dangerous predators and at the same time draw other creatures to the location. Furthermore, many types of fungus found in Mushroom forests can be extremely hazardous to those that are not familiar with them due to clouds of poisonous spores and hallucinogens that they can produce.

Mushroom forest can provide several resources to those in need, clean air and water, food, and a somewhat safe place to stay (if they know what to look out for).


The temperature underground can varied according to depth and the proximity of thermal activities in the area. The temperature will remain stable and moderate in most Mushroom Forsests throughout the year.


Mushroom forest are home to many fungoid creatures as well as many predators. Derro are particularly fond of Mushroom Forests as they can harvest many hallucinogens and other materials. Other groups such as the Drow and Dwarfs make use of Mushroom Forests as a means of material for building and food.


Animal life can be as varied in Mushroom Forests as on the surface. Creatures range from small insects to dragons, which in effect means anything could be found. Fungus takes the place of many of the plants that would be found in traditional forests.

Major Cities

The following are a list of major cities that can be found in the Mushroom Forests